Bankruptcy Credit Cards

A credit card after bankruptcy? It is possible! You may thinking that obtaining any type of credit card after having filed a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy is an extremely bad idea. However, they can help in reestablishing your credit reputation and history, as well as being quite easy to get.      

Once you get the credit card after bankruptcy, it is extremely important that you always make the payment on time, as well as continually pay the balance. Doing so will help you in opening up other roads such as home loans, personal loans, or car loans.

However, it is important to take extreme care when you apply for a credit card after bankruptcy. Avoid jumping at each credit card offered by any company. They may offer the credit cards to you; however, they will come with low spending limits and high interest rates, when compared to those who have not filed for bankruptcy.

You might feel flatterd that these companies are working hard to receive your business, however, avoid being fooled and overextended by their offers. Many bankuptcy remortgage aware companies are well aware of the fact that people who have filed bankruptcy are looking for ways to improve their credit rating; therefore, they may just offer you more than you imagined. Take great care in choosing credit cards and do not allow yourself to fall back into the spiral of debt.

You should have a goal when you obtain a credit card after bankruptcy and it should be to reestablish your credit rating. You should not run out and take a vacation, buy things you do not need, or simply go on a shopping spree. You now have a big negative black mark on your credit report, if you are wanting to rebuild it, you need to take care of your finances, obtaining a credit card after bankruptcy could help you.

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Use common sense and restraint when using the credit card. Only make small purchases that you would be able to pay off in full each month. This will greatly help you improve your credit rating and reputation. You may find with this kind of discipline that the company offers to raise the spending limit and reduce the amount of interest charged, after six months.

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Written by: Ken Charnley